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Accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) insurance offer coverage for your family if you die or lose a limb of the body due to accidents. AD&D insurance is similar to a life insurance policy because both offer a death benefit, but your beneficiary could not receive a payout if you die due to an illness.

What is accidental death insurance policy?

Accidental death insurance in California is a sort of life insurance policy that provides benefits paid to the policyholder in the event of his death caused due to an accident. Depending on the insurer’s policy, an accidental death benefit may extend up to a year after the initial accident occurs, provided the accident is conducted to the insured's death.


What does accidental death insurance cover?

Generally, accidental death covers exceptional circumstances, such as exposure to the elements, traffic accidents, homicide, falls, drowning, and accidents involving heavy equipment. AD&D insurance is additional life insurance and not an acceptable replacement for term life insurance.

Why choose us?

There are many accidental death insurance companies in California that provides various solotuon. But the Kardar insurance Agency provides their clients as the best accidental death insurance according to the their requiremnets. You can directly talk to our insurance agent by clicking on the “Instant Quote” button to know the exact accidental death insurance quotes online We provide services for accidental death insurance in California in the following areas: Chino Hills, Los Angeles, Anaheim, Chino Hills, Diamond Bar, Yorba Linda, Corona

Types of accidental death life insurance

Following are the types of accidental death insurance policies which are mentioned below:

Group life supplement

In this type of coverage, the accidental death benefit plan is included as part of a group life insurance policy contract, such as those offered by your employer.


The best accidental insurance benefit plan is offered to members of a group as a separate, elective benefit. Accidental death insurance in California premiums is your responsibility which is offered by your employer. You generally pay these premiums through regular payroll assumptions

Travel Accident

The accidental death benefit plan is provided through an employee benefit plan and provides supplemental accident protection to employees while they are traveling on company business.

How much do accidental death and dismemberment insurance cost?

Accidental death insurance rates tend to be lower than rates for traditional life insurance because accidental life insurance coverage is limited to accidents. And if your employer offers accidental death insurance, you might be able to get a basic amount as a free benefit. In general, accidental death insurance coverage premiums are tied to the amount that you purchase.

Frequently Asked Question

Accidental death insurance in California typically isn’t worth it if you are near to retirement age and you need coverage for end-of-life expenses.

Life insurance normally covers accidental death benfits to the insurer’s legal hire, but it varies insurer’s premium and providers.

If you die from a motor vehicle accident, drowning, poisoning, accidental drug overdose, or another tragedy. Life insurance policy will pay out death benefits to your beneficiaries.

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