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Rideshare insurance California is a specific sort of commercial auto insurance policy that is designed for those people who drive for rideshare or food delivery services. Remember that Personal auto insurance doesn’t cover your rideshare car insurance if you’re using your car for work or a personal job.
Typically, some California rideshare insurance companies may decline your coverage if they find that you used your car for a rideshare service without purchasing a rideshare insurance policy.

What Does Rideshare Insurance Covers In California:

Generally, the best rideshare insurance policy provides the following coverages for their drivers:

Bodily injury liability:

This policy provides coverage for any accidents that are the fault of the drivers during the driving.

Property damage liability:

It helps you pay to repair the damage caused due to another person’s vehicle or property.

Comprehensive coverage:

This is a coverage that helps pay to replace your rideshare vehicle if it's stolen or damaged in an incident that's not a collision.

Collision coverage:

Collision coverage of Rideshare insurance California helps pay to repair or replace your vehicle in the case it is damaged or destroyed in an accident with another car, regardless of who is at fault.

RideShare Insurance
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Why choose us?

The Kardar Insurance Agency offers the supportable rideshare auto insurance package according to the requirements of the clients. You can directly talk to our insurance agent by simply clicking on the “Instant Quote” button to know the cheap rideshare insurance California quotes. Call Kardar Insurance Agency, as it is one of the best insurance agencies in California for the cheapest rideshare insurance in California. We service in the following areas within California: Chino Hills, Los Angeles, Anaheim, Chino Hills, Diamond Bar, Yorba Linda, Corona.

How to get insurance for rideshare drivers?

To get ridesharing insurance California, you should visit the Kardar insurance agency because we offer the best insurance for rideshare. We can usually offer you a rideshare endorsement or rider according to your insurance policy.

How much is rideshare insurance cost?

The cost of car insurance for rideshare is mainly depend on what type of coverage you buy for rideshare insurance. For example, a rideshare agreement cost may be less than a separate rideshare insurance policy that provides coverage independent of your regular car insurance policy. As with most rideshare insurance coverages, the higher your limits, the more insurance policy is likely to cost. Moreover, your rideshare commercial insurance premium is also affected by rate factors, such as driving history, geographic location, claims history, the age of your car, and more.

Frequently asked question

If rideshare insurance isn’t available in your state, then you can purchase a commercial insurance policy. Although commercial policies are more expensive, they should provide the needed coverage that keeps you from being financially protected.

Rideshare insurance works as a bridge between these two insurances that allows insurers to stay safe and can also get benefits beyond these two policies.

Yes, you can add your spouse or others who live in the same household (provided you both have the same address) to your policy.

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